Research Publication

Following are the year-long in-depth research activities carried out by students under the supervision of Dr. Dimpy Mahanta and are under review for publication in national and international journals:

1. Mahanta, D. & Baruah, T. (2017) Relationship of Social Support, Hope and Depression amongst Visually Impaired and Sighted Adolescents: An Exploratory Research. Manuscript Submitted & Accepted for Publication.

2. Mahanta, D. & Hussain, F. (2017) A Study on the Impact of Occupational Stress, Anxiety and Self Efficacy among Medical Professionals. Manuscript Submitted.

3. Mahanta, D. & Khound, H. (2017) Personality Dimension of CRPF Personnel and Traffic Police of Assam: An Exploratory Study. Manuscript Submitted.

4. Mahanta, D. & Paul, P. (2017) Occupational Stress amongst the Employees in Private and Public Banks. Manuscript Submitted.

5. Mahanta, D. & Sarma, B. (2017) Challenges encountered by Women Bureaucrats of Assam: An Exploratory Study. Manuscript Submitted.

6. Mahanta, D. & Sarma, J. (2017) A Study on the Impact of Training on the Employees in Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL). Manuscript Submitted.

7. Mahanta, D. & Singson, C. (2017) Use of Social Media and its Effect on the Mental Health of College Students. Manuscript Submitted.

8. Mahanta, D. & Laishram, S. (2017) The Impact of Technology Usage by Teenager on Parent-Child Relationship in Guwahati (Assam). Manuscript Submitted.

9. Mahanta, D. & Hanchepi, S. (2018) Psychological Impact of Exposure to Floods: An Exploratory Study in Majuli Island (Assam). Manuscript Submitted.

10. Mahanta, D. & Chowdhury, A. (2018) Psychological, Social and Spiritual Wellbeing of Cancer Patients in Guwahati, Assam. Under Preparation.

11. Mahanta, D. & Baruah, N. (2018) Teachers’ Attitude on School Bullying: A Comparative Study between Government and Private Schools of Assam. Manuscript Submitted.

12. Mahanta, D. & Das, S. (2018) Psychological Morbidity of the Prisoners in the District Jail of Sivasagar (Assam). Under Preparation.

13. Mahanta, D. & Kaushik, K. (2018) A Comparative Study on Stress & Coping Mechanisms of Institutionalized and Non-Institutionalized Elderly People of Assam. Manuscript Submitted.


Mahanta, D. & Bora, S. (2018) A Comparative Study amongst Private and Public School Teachers in relation to Occupational Stress and Job Satisfaction. Under Preparation.

15. Mahanta, D. & Boral, D. (2018) Bullying amongst the High School Students in Assam: An Empirical Study. Manuscript Submitted.

16. Mahanta, D. & Bhuyan, C. (2018) Marital Adjustment, Stress and Depression among Working and Non-Working Women: A Comparative Study. (Under preparation)